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Our Focus

Business Model

Through being an active partner and having a long term investment horizon, we strive to maximise value creation for our partners and generating the highest possible risk adjusted returns.


Our strong returns are characterised by having access to a large pool of valuable dealflow that becomes part of a systematic approach whereby we identify, grow and manage investments across a variety of asset classes including high growth technology companies, pre IPO opportunities and “turn around” businesses cases. By utilizing our strong operational expertise and networks across different industries, we strive to find, evaluate and grow companies through our deep knowledge of the processes required to ensure sustainable and profitable unit economics. Wowern Group also facilitates an in-house growth team that help our partners with a range of management tools and digital strategies.


We mainly work with small to midsize companies that usually employ under 250 people and due to a variety of reasons need to improve and grow their business. These businesses usually require help and advice around corporate management and digital strategies. We are also open to working together with selected investors when certain investments require larger capital injections.

We work with a variety of target groups

Specifically entrepreneurs that:

  • Possess the right traits for success, primarily people that are driven, analytical and can get things done.

  • Have the ability to adapt to the world around them, and change existing strategies to what customers or users are actually willing to buy or use.

  • Are engaged in businesses that have the potential for high growth.

  • Understand the importance of long term value creation.

Active partners that together with Wowern Group:

  • Have the ability to work from an operational standpoint as a project leader, board member or chief executive officer.
  • Work as an active owner.
  • Has the capacity to aid in the financing of an acquisition, capital injection or partake in a refinancing of a business.

Corporate management teams, CEO’s, and owners that:

  • Are missing an active owner.
  • Need help with a management buy-out, sale, acquisition or going through a generational shift.
  • Generally need a capital strong and engaged owner in relation to a larger transaction.

Financiers, owners, that need:

  • Support in specific situations, whereby there needs to be significant operational changes during a company reconstruction.
  • A partner that has the possibility to help in critical points during the refinancing of a business.
  • A partner that has the financial strength to save a business from financial collapse.
  • A partner that has the financial strength to invest in larger projects.