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About us

Investment focus

We primarily invest in small and medium-sized companies where we see a clear trajectory for future growth. We also have an in-house growth team that help our partners through both strategic and operational advice.

One of our main criterias for investing is ensuring operational clarity and a deep understanding of the specific unit economics of a business.

Investments should also have an attractive valuation that provides a solid foundation for the highest possible risk adjusted returns.

Active Ownership in practice

Active ownership is executed primarily through representation on the board of directors and through discussions and the evaluation of current board members, the chief executive officer and top management.

Our dedicated growth team provides strategic advice that has a strong focus on corporate management, digital strategies and implementing the correct analytics tools.

A globalised and rapidly evolving world requires companies to be focused, aware and flexible. Large shifts, such as transformative technologies or changing consumer behaviors need to quickly be understood and acted upon in order to stay relevant.

We believe that in today’s competitive business environment, companies that have shareholders that are both knowledgeable and are actively engaged in the company's development provide a strong competitive advantage against competitors.